The Thursday Club had its first meeting on Thursday 4 August 1983. There were about fifty original members who elected Sister Annunciata (1916-2008) as President, Margaret Spencer as Secretary and Alice McGrattan as Treasurer, a role she has held ever since. The purpose of the Thursday Club was to provide a facility for senior parishioners and friends to engage in the spiritual and social life of the Church. Spiritual activities included being prayer partners for and giving bibles to the children making their Confirmation and First Communion, washing the sacred vessels and altar linens, leading the rosary during the month of May and having retreats. Social events included Saint Andrew's and Saint Patrick's Day celebrations, Christmas shopping trips, bus runs and holidays in Ireland and Wales. The Club donated to charities such as the Saint Vincent de Paul Society and Ayrshire Hospice. Meetings took place - not on Thursdays as might be expected - but on Tuesday afternoons in the Parish Centre then the Civic Centre. The Club met on Thursdays till 12 September 2006 when the change to Tuesdays was made. The name was changed to the Tuesday Club but after a week it reverted to the original one. On 13 June 2008, there was a Thursday Club Twenty-Five Years Celebration in the Parish Centre.
The photograph below was taken during the meeting of 25 September 2007.

In April 2017, it was decided that the Club would cease to exist. The last meeting of the Thursday Club was on 13 June 2017 when members enjoyed a meal in the Civic Centre.

People who have been members of the Thursday Club include:
  Ellen Baillie neé Cassidy (1910-93)
  Elsie Brodie neé Delahunt
  Helen Brown (1927-2013)
  Isa Brown neé Smyth (1916-91)
  Margaret Caddies
  Mary Calder
  Claire Cameron neé Murphy
  Rose Carpenter
  Kathleen Conway neé Carry
  Effie Cooper
  Betty Dailly neé Sloan
  Muriel Doherty
  John Dolan
  Moira Donnelly
  Sadie Dorrian neé Smith
  Sheila Douglas
  ????? Doull
  Peggie Duffy
  Natalina Farro
  Betty Foran
  ????? Forrest
  May Gaw (-2008)
  Lena Gillen
  Margaret Gillen
  Annie Gordon
  Maria Hilferty
  May Hillen
  Addie Hissey neé McCabe
  ????? Inglis
  Rose Keegan
  ????? Kelly
  Maureen Kelly
  Sadie Kelly neé Smith
  Sheila Kennedy neé Tonner (1921-96)
  Jean Lamont
  Cathy Langan (1910-1992)
  Susan Little
  Agnes Long neé McQuade (1923-2006)
  Denis Long (1921-2005)
  ????? Loughray
  Josephine Lundie (-2007)
  Fiona Lyon
  Mary Magee neé McMullan (1912-88)
  Chrissie McAteer neé McGovern (1918-88)
  Anne McCabe
  Mary McCabe
  Lilli McCulloch neé Behan (1920-2011)
  Catherine McEvoy neé Smith
  Mary McEvoy
  Anne McEwan
  Mary McGee
  Pam McGlynn neé Moran
  Ella McGoogan
  Alice McGrattan neé Tonner (1925-2013)
  Greta McGreevy neé Convery
  Eva McIlhiney neé McDonald
  Edna McKinnon
  Isa McLaughlin
  James McLaughlin
  Margaret McLaughlan neé Aitken (1919-2005)
  ????? McMahon
  Mary McSpurran
  Patricia McVeigh neé Loughray (-2013)
  Mary Mitchell neé Kernahan (deceased)
  Annie Monan neé Erskine (1908-98)
  Nora Moore
  Mary Moran neé Morrison
  Martha Murphy
  Patsy Murphy (-1988)
  Julia Paterson neé McKay (1917-2017)
  Nettie Retzbach
  Nan Richard
  Betty Robertson
  Alice Russell neé McGowan (1913-85)
  Agnes Scott neé Keegans (deceased)
  May Shanks neé Rickard (1917-90)
  Sister Dolores (deceased)
  Sister Immaculata, sometimes known as Wee Mac (deceased)
  Sister Mary Annunciata (1916-2008)
  Sister Mary Vincent
  Margaret Sloan
  Sadie Sloss
  Anne Smith neé McEvoy
  Margaret Spencer (1913-92)
  Katie Stewart
  Mamie Stewart
  ????? Taylor
  Margaret Tracy
  Theresa Walker neé Sloan
  ????? Watson

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